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Rideshare Elite

(Formally known as Vanpooling)

Why Fight Gridlock Alone Everyday?

Own Your Rideshare Commute Vehicle!

5 to 9 Passengers – Probably your coworkers!

You and your fellow riders make the rules and pick the route.

Eliminate the cost of a personal commute vehicle. Divide the cost of commuting with your fellow riders, everyone saves. Enjoy Federal incentives for ridesharing. Some employers offer incentives.  Form an LLC and enjoy tax benefits; likely positive cash flow. Share the driving. Enjoy the ride, give yourself an extra hour or two of daily uninterrupted time to enjoy your choice of activities; read, nap, text or email, do a work project, read the paper, listen to music, enjoy quiet conversation with fellow riders.

Replace 5 – 8 single occupant commute vehicles with ONE!
Free up 4 to 7 parking spaces!

Experience commuting you might even look forward to!
Ride in the HOV, Toll or Express lane – NO CHARGE!

Need a vehicle occasionally during the day?
No problem; it’s out in the parking garage.

New vehicles purchased through a local factory authorized dealer.  If you currently own a 7 or more passenger vehicle, or purchase one used, you can use that vehicle to form your rideshare. Rideshare commute vehicles must have minimum 7 seats to qualify for Federal incentives.

For more information contact:

Rick Carr

Call 678-896-1714

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